Basic Skills Instruction

Ms. Compitello, Ms. Helmsetter, Ms. Nowell

The BSI program remediates and supports literacy and mathematics at all grade levels.  Some factors that would make your child eligible for BSI is data from standardized testing, as well as results collected from F&P and/or LLI screening.  Additional data is also considered for BSI selection, such as reading and math benchmark assessments, students’ grades, I & RS Referral, and 504 Plans. The BSI staff works cooperatively as an instructional team with the classroom teachers to help all students succeed.
Helpful Hints:

Read with your child.

Study basic math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) daily with your children.

Check homework planners daily.

We appreciate your support and cooperation.  Please contact us should you have any questions or concerns.

School Counselor: Mrs. Dornacker

(732) 785-3000 X 2504

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Mrs. Steigerwald

Welcome to EXCEL, the Enrichment of Exceptional Creative Engaged Learners! The EXCEL Program recognizes exceptionally able students, those who perform or show the potential to perform at higher levels of ability.  This program offers meaningful opportunities and curriculum modified by content, process, products, and learning environment, which enable these students to achieve in accordance with their capabilities.

Ms. Buscema, Mrs. Kuznicki

Mrs. Martone

The World Language Club offers 5th graders the opportunity to explore the cultures of the Spanish speaking countries through crafts, games, music, and stories.

Occupational Therapists: Mrs. Levandoski and Mrs. Wight

Physical Therapists: Dr. Dornacker and Mrs. Quiros

Mrs. Auth

Mrs. Bray, Mrs. Esposito, Mrs. Hirsch, Mrs. Hurley, Mrs. Koehler, Ms. Kolan, and Mrs. Grace

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