The Brick Township Public School Transportation Organization should be proud of the more than 3.2 Million student transports that have occurred in a safe, timely and kind manner during the school year.   Every individual within the department is an “important-link” in a “chain of transport” that consistently succeeds in an ever fluid environment.  Regardless of the negative transactional realities that challenge every dynamic of our organization, the Brick Township Schools Transportation Department continues to stay focused on growing success, continuing to work with School Leadership to provide the best learning, social /emotional, artistic, STEM and athletic opportunities for students and to make sure that everything we do continues to allow us to inspire, elevate and advance opportunities for students, teachers and families.

Supervisor of Pupil Transportation

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At this time student bussing information is available through our Transportation eLink Portal.

To access your child’s bussing information please visit

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Bus stops may change from year to year.   Please check your Bus Pass.

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Every student is assigned a designated bus stop location during the school year. Students may have a different pick up than drop off stop, but each must be 5 days per week at the same location. Parents may transport their child on days when the child’s schedule requires a different stop.

New residents should register their children as soon as possible so not to delay receiving transportation services. In September, please  allow up to 14 business days to assign a new student to a bus at the beginning of the school year. We will contact the school when transportation has been scheduled for your child.

Students MUST  ride on their assigned bus to and from school and must disembark at their assigned bus stop. Going home with friends at different stops or on different buses is strictly prohibited.

Please be at your designated stop 10 minutes before the scheduled arrival of the bus. Parents are encouraged to review the Bus Safety Handbook they receive in school with their children. The entire booklet can be viewed by clicking here.

  • Pupils shall not extend their hands, arms or heads through bus windows.
  • Students will converse in normal tones, loud or vulgar language is prohibited.
  • Pupils shall not open or close windows without the permission of the driver.
  • Students shall keep the bus clean and refrain from damaging it.
  • All students are to use seatbelts.
  • Eating or drinking on the bus is strictly prohibited. Food projects are not permitted on the bus.
  • Animals, skateboards, or electronic devices (video games/i-pods/cell phones) are not permitted on the bus.
  • Only students are permitted on the bus – parents or any other unauthorized adults will not be allowed to board a school bus.
  • Our policy prohibits students from riding a bus other than their own.
  • Pupils shall be courteous to the driver and to fellow students and passerbys.
  • Pupils who refuse to obey the regulations will be reported to the school principal and may forfeit their privilege to ride on the buses.
  • Stay a safe distance from the roadway.
  • No pushing, fighting, wrestling or horseplay at bus stops.
  • When the bus arrives, wait at the sidewalk, curb or safe area for it to come to a complete stop before proceeding.
  • When overhead yellow or overhead red lights are flashing on a moving bus, prepare to stop.
  • When overhead red lights are flashing on a stopped bus, vehicles must stop no closer than 20 feet away from the bus.
  • When only hazard lights are flashing on a bus, you may proceed with caution.


The District understands that it may be raining some mornings and that winter mornings can be very cold. Please furnish your child with an umbrella and warm clothes so they can safely wait at their stop. In addition, a student who arrives at the stop after the bus door has closed cannot be allowed to board the bus. NJ Law requires a school bus driver to activate the warning lights of the bus at least 200 feet before the stop. This is not possible once the doors have closed. If your student misses the bus, they will need to be driven to school.
Parents waiting at or near the bus stop to ensure student safety at the stop are very much welcome and appreciated. However, please put your child’s safety ahead of comfort and have them waiting at the stop, (not arriving at the stop), ready to board when the bus arrives

If you need to change your child’s bus stop for babysitting or day care purposes (5 days per week for the entire school year), you must go to your student’s school to fill out the form. Transportation to the Day Care facility or babysitter must be within the sending school’s boundaries.  All requests must be received by August 1st to be effective for the opening of school. During the school year, a response to the change will be made within 48 hours.

Q: My child’s bus stop has been moved from the location where it has been for several years. What can I do? 
A: Brick Transportation is required to establish a bus stop for each student within one mile of the student’s residence. Nearly all bus stops are, in reality, much closer than this. Any bus stop within one mile of the residence is “legal”. The appeal process is to email the Director of Transportation.

Q: I have been told that the school bus cannot come down my dead-end road. Why?
A: Buses are not permitted to back up down narrow streets or where they are unable to turn around. Unless safety factors require otherwise, transportation may not plan bus stops closer together than 300 feet.

Q: My child is having a birthday party after school and I would like for her friends to ride the bus home with her. We can do that, right?
A: No. The primary responsibility of Transportation, with regard to school bus routing, is to see that all students entitled to transportation have one bus assignment for their daily ride to and from school and that all bus assignments are done in a way as to provide seating for all students. Changes school bus assignments for a day – as you described – is strictly prohibited.

Q: How long are students allowed to ride the school bus each way in New Jersey?
A: There is no state law regarding the length of a bus ride. New Jersey has a wide range of geography across the state and the diversity of rural and urban areas results in a very wide range of bus ride times. Some rural counties have an average student ride time of over 70 minutes while some small towns have an average ride time as low as 15 minutes.


Q: Are students allowed to stand on the school bus or to sit in the aisles?
A: Absolutely not. Board of Education policy requires that seating be provided for each student on the bus and that sitting on the floor or standing is strictly prohibited. Further, each student must be completely seated in the school bus seat – with seat belt buckled. The same policy requires that the capacity of the bus cannot be exceeded. Violations should be reported to the Director of Transportation.

Every effort is made to transport all our Non-Public school students; however this is not always possible.  Please be sure to register, (B6t form), at your Non-Public or Private School by the March 15th deadline to ensure the best effort.

If transportation is not available to your school, you will receive a letter from Transportation by August 1st.   You may qualify for Aid In Lieu of Transportation, if you meet the criteria set by the State.
Non Public/Private School student’s access their bus passes in the same way as Brick Public School students.  You will obtain your student’s Transportation ID through your school office.  This ID number will stay with your student unless you transfer schools.   Instructions on how to print your bus pass is on the main Transportation page.  Read instructions on e-Link first, and then click on Bus Pass Portal.
Bus stops are within the State guidelines of 2 miles, however most stops are less than 1/4 mile.  Centralized stops may be implemented.   Please be at the bus stop 10 minutes prior to pick up time.
Transportation follows each individual Non-Public School calendar, unless school closure is for an emergency or weather related issue.