School Based Youth Services

The Brick School Based Program is funded by the New Jersey Department of Children and Families and is managed under the direction of Preferred Behavioral Health Group.


Established in the year 2000, our programs continue to provide comprehensive programs to students & their families within the school setting allowing for easy access to services.
Currently the 3 sites served in Brick are:  Brick Township High School, Brick Memorial High School, Veterans Memorial Middle School.


*All services provided by the School Based Program are FREE and confidential on behalf of students and families.

The Brick School Based Youth Services Program aims to provide comprehensive services and support to adolescents in a non-stigmatizing manner. Our goal is to promote student’s mental and physical well-being and provide them with the skills needed to graduate from school.

We offer individual & group counseling, life skills, employment training, community support, preventive health, crisis intervention, peer leadership, recreation, and referrals.

A range of topics addressed are:
School problems, Depression / Suicide, Stress / Anxiety, Anger / Aggression, Family, Conflicts, Relationships, and Child Abuse.

In addition to our regular school-hour prevention outreach services, we also provide students with the opportunity to participate in supportive & recreational activities through after-school clubs and community outings.


  • >> Recreation Club: Students engage in fun and healthy recreational activities that promote socialization, self-esteem, and relationship building.
  • >> Gay-Straight Alliance: Students promote education, support, and advocacy surrounding issues of understanding and appreciating equality based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • >> Voices: Students engage in volunteering opportunities in the community to raise awareness of social needs and become an active member of society.
  • >> Strong: An empowerment group for young women to increase self-respect, confidence, assertiveness, and self-awareness.>
  • >> Any student that expresses a willingness to be involved with the School Based Program will be accepted to receive services.
  • >> Referrals are also made by school personnel including:
    • Guidance Counselors, Child Study Team, Principals, Teachers, and other Staff
  • >> Parents and community organizations are encouraged to contact the program directly.