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The Brick Township Facilities Department  provides support to all facilities services for the Brick Township Board of Education. These services include Building Maintenance, Turf Management, Custodial Services and Project Management. The district operates twelve buildings. Our goal is to provide outstanding service, quality workmanship and a timely response. Additionally, we continue to implement new programs, seek out cost saving initiatives and provide developmental training for our employees.


Tim Picciurro
P: (732) 785-3000 Ext: 2059

Justin Boes
P: (732) 785-3000 Ext: 2061

John Frankowski
P: (732) 785-3000 Ext: 2073

Gail Lagomarsino
P: (732) 785-3000 Ext: 2010

Gabby Wagner
P: (732) 785-3000 Ext: 2060

Debbie Devereux
P: (732) 785-3000 Ext: 3079

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