Support Services

Basic Skills Instruction

GOAL: To provide academic support to students who need extra assistance in order to succeed in the regular classroom. This is accomplished by providing additional opportunities for these children to acquire and practice skills in the areas of Literacy and Mathematics.

PROGRAM DESIGN: The basic skills teachers collaborate with the classroom teachers, supporting those children needing extra help. They reinforce classroom instruction through the use of additional grade level materials and teaching techniques.

STUDENT ELIGIBILITY: Eligibility for the Basic Skills Improvement Program is determined by using a variety of criteria. This includes teacher recommendation and student performance in both the present and past grade levels.


Mrs. Ernest [email protected]

Welcome to EXCEL, the Enrichment of Exceptional Creative Engaged Learners! The EXCEL Program recognizes exceptionally able students, those who perform or show the potential to perform at higher levels of ability.  This program offers meaningful opportunities and curriculum modified by content, process, products, and learning environment, which enable these students to achieve in accordance with their capabilities

World Language

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Counseling Corner

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Mrs. Lynch [email protected]

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Child Study Team

Mrs. Lanagan , Psychologist

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OT / PT Services:

OT: Danielle Duval [email protected]

PT:  Wendy Fogler


Improving Fine Motor Skills

Does your child suffer from the following?

  1. Fatigue and/or pain when writing
  2. Awkward pencil grip
  3. Difficulty using scissors

If your child has experienced these or other problems, there are some exercises/activities that can possibly help promote and improve fine motor development and hand grasp, some of the skills required for writing and cutting.
Muscle Tone and Joint Stability— Coordination, attention and focus can perhaps be developed/enhanced by developing muscle tone and joint stability in the trunk,shoulders,wrist and hands. A sense of calmness may also be attained by performing some of the heavy work and weight bearing activities listed  below:

  1. Push ups (on floor, against the wall) Chair pushups, pull ups, climbing activities on playground equipment.
  2. Wheel barrow walking, animal walks (on hands and knees)
  3. Weight bearing on forearm while reading, watching TV. etc..
  4. Helping with the laundry basket, carrying groceries, throwing out the trash.

Arm and Hand Muscles–Skilled movement needed for fine motor, manipulative ability as well as graphomotor success can perhaps be developed/enhanced through various exercises as well. Development of strong arm and hand muscles are essential for these tasks. Examples of activities include but are not limited to:

  1. Stringing/lacing activities
  2. working with clay, silly putty or play dough.
  3. Snapping fingers,tops,games with coins,pegs,chips.
  4. Jacks, pick up sticks, marbles
  5. Using tongs,chopsticks or tweezers to pick up small items.
  6. Spray/squirt bottles/toys

Working in the vertical position can also assist with strengthening and facilitating increased wrist extension. Activities may include:

  1. Working on a chalkboard, drawing/painting on an easel.
  2. Working on a slant board esp. during writing tasks

Favorite Toys/Games

Candyland, Trouble, Monopoly, Checkers and other board games
Operation, Ants in the pants, Don’t Break the Ice, Topple  Ring toss
Beads, Lacing cards, cards, MagnaDoodle, LiteBrite, Battleship, puzzles(also addresses visual perceptual skills and eye hand coordination)
These are only a few suggestions and are activities that can benefit All students.

If you have any questions you can contact me at Midstreams Elementary School