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Phone: 732-785-3000 ext. 5505

Parents: Please inform the nurse’s office of any changes in your cell, work or home phone numbers

Please notify the main office when your child is absent from school.

Child Study Team

Michelle Larsen (Email)

  • Social Worker

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  • Social Worker

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  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst

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  • Learning Disability Teacher Consultant

Basic Skills Instruction

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GOAL: To provide academic support to students who need extra assistance in order to succeed in the regular classroom. This is accomplished by providing additional opportunities for these children to acquire and practice skills in the areas of Literacy and Mathematics.

PROGRAM DESIGN: The basic skills teachers collaborate with the classroom teachers, supporting those children needing extra help. They reinforce classroom instruction through the use of additional grade level materials and teaching techniques.

STUDENT ELIGIBILITY: Eligibility for the Basic Skills Improvement Program is determined by using a variety of criteria. This includes teacher recommendation and student performance in both the present and past grade levels.


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World Language

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Welcome to EXCEL, the Enrichment of Exceptional Creative Engaged Learners! The EXCEL Program recognizes exceptionally able students, those who perform or show the potential to perform at higher levels of ability.  This program offers meaningful opportunities and curriculum modified by content, process, products, and learning environment, which enable these students to achieve in accordance with their capabilities