Athletic Director's Message

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Our Athletic philosophy and mission is one that I believe is vital to the educational development of our Mustang students.  Athletics can play an important part in one’s scholastic experience.  Student-athletes learn a great deal from participation in competitive sports.  Lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, competition and how to win and lose gracefully are integral components of what Mustang athletes are taught and are the characteristics that will fuel their success both on the playing field and in the classroom.  Being a part of Mustang Athletics builds and improves school spirit and helps develop pride in our school community.
The major objective of our athletic program is to provide wholesome opportunities for students to develop positive leadership habits and attitudes of social and group interaction.
Our athletic programs will always be consistent with the general objectives of Brick Memorial High School.  The athletic administration will constantly strive for the development of well-rounded individuals, capable of taking their place and succeeding in society.
Having graduated from Brick Memorial High School myself, and being a proud Mustang alum, it is with great pride that I have the opportunity to carry on the traditions laid before me from great Athletic Directors such as George Rao, Bill Maguire, and Bill Bruno.  Our goals at Brick Memorial High School are to win championships, to create a positive experience, and to build memories that will help mold future life successes.
And remember….Once a Mustang, Always a Mustang
Ed Sarluca

Athletic Eligibility

To try out and/or participate in any athletics, you must turn in the following set of paperwork, which includes your:

*Your physical remains current for 365 calendar days


*Your consent forms expire after each school year.

Academically, you must be in constant communication with your Guidance Counselor.  You must have 30 credits from your previous full year, and 15 credits from your previous semester to be considered academically eligible. You also must carry 4 hours of workload in a current semester.

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