Mr. Ed Sarluca

Assistant Principal: Students A – F & RISE
Mr. Stevan Ferullo

Assistant Principal: Students G – N
Ms. Ilene Glastein

Assistant Principal: Students O – Z
Mr. Jonathan Barresi

Interim Athletic Director
Mr. Rob Paneque

Academic Supervisors

English & Social Studies
Mr. Chad Cutts

Health & Physical Education

Mr. Edward Sarluca

Math, Business, College & Career Readiness
Mr. Chris Thompson

Science & Visual/Performing Arts
Ms. Jennifer Lane

Special Services
Mrs. Ann Marie Dayton


Front Desk: 
(732) 785-3000 x 3013

(732) 785-3000 x 3029

(732) 785-3000 x 3380

(732) 785-3000 x 3025

Child Study Team: 
(732) 785-3000 x 3016

Student Services: 
(732) 785-3000 x 3100

Chain of Command

Mission Statement

Brick Schools is committed to providing student-centered instruction through teacher-led practice in a learning environment that fosters interpersonal and academic growth. Through strong community connections, our mission is to promote student success by cultivating their unique talents and prepare them for their future, while empowering them to assume altruistic roles and embrace life-long learning.

Vision Statement

At Brick Memorial High School we believe “Once a Mustang…Always a Mustang”.  Accordingly, our vision of a present and future Mustang is someone who lives “Stang Strong” by embodying our core values of Respect, Responsibility, and Integrity.

Respect – Mustangs are empathetic to the feelings, wishes, rights, and traditions of others.

Responsibility – Mustangs honor their commitments and give their best effort in all pursuits.

Integrity – Mustangs have strong moral principles and do the right thing, even when no one is watching.


In 1980, Brick Township Memorial High School opened its doors to the commitment and pursuit of knowledge with Mr. Brouillette serving as its first principal.  It was quite remarkable that Brick Township Memorial High School was ever built because there were those in the community who felt that a new school would divide the town.  However, the opening of BTMHS reflects the changes and diversities the community and its population would undergo.

The original school colors were red and black.  While the students were still attending Brick Township High School in split sessions, the new school was established.  About two days before they moved to BTMHS, a member of the Board of Education told them they could not have Red and Black and that Green was Brick’s official color.  It was at that time they added the gold to Memorial’s colors.  The Gold would differentiate the two high schools (BTHS, Green and White, BTMHS, Green, Gold and White.)  Students were taken to Memorial from Brick High by school bus on the first day back from Winter Break.

Students had a contest as to choose a mascot.  The winner was the mustang. Mr. George Rao, first Athletic Director for Memorial, said the history regarding several nick names (i.e., Golden Mustangs, Stangs, etc.) were actually given to Memorial by local sports writers.  Some names stuck and some didn’t.
There were only two additions to Memorial.  The first addition was the T.V. Studio and additional lockers.  The second addition, and our most resent, the new wing, entrance, and cafeteria.

The academic program of studies provides a broad basis of courses which considers the individual needs of the student.  In addition to the required course work in English, History, Math, Science, and Physical Education; there are numerous selections in Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Business and Air Force Junior Officers Training Corps (AFJROTC).  We offer Advanced Placement and Honors Courses in English, History, Math, and Science as well as many elective courses within all subject areas.  The academic program prepares our students, not only for a competitive college career, but also for a vocational career.  Brick Memorial supports and encourages its students to participate in Ocean County Vocational Technical School System.  This program of study offers students training in Transportation Technologies, Building Trades, Electronics, Allied Health Services, and Specialized Trades in keeping with the Industrial and Employment opportunities available in our area.

BTMHS is meeting the challenge of the information explosion by the infusion and inclusion of technology as an integral part of every Department and Subject area.  Faculty and students are learning what an invaluable tool this technology is in the acquisition and pursuit of Knowledge.

The philosophy of BTMHS believes in the development of a well-rounded student.  In addition to the academic programs, we have a myriad of extra-curricular activities that appeal to the varied and vast talents of our student population.

We believe that Brick Township Memorial High School is a vital and exciting place for an individual student to begin and to continue his/her growth and maturation process toward knowledge. In essence, we at BTMHS are “Building Traditions, Memories and High Standards.”