Story by Laurel-Lye Severin

On September 8, 2023, the Brick Memorial Mustangs returned to the field for the third Friday night football game of the season. Only this time, their efforts are to commemorate the twentieth-year anniversary of alumni members’ victory in the 2003 NJ state championship. With one goal in mind, to honor the Mustangs’ standoff against the Barnegat High School Bengals. The crowd watched in suspense as the question lingers: who will take home the victory? 

Captivating the attention of over a thousand pairs of eyes, the Bengals enter followed by the herd of Mustangs galloping into the stadium as they prepare for the game ahead. Starting off the field frenzy with a bang, green and gold finished the first quarter with a striking score of twenty-one to zero. Proceeding with this success, the marching band filled the atmosphere with a peppy tune while cheerleaders chanted phrases that boosted team morale.

With a similar fate to the first quarter, Brick Memorial dominated the field with a score of thirty-five to six. Bleachers full of the student body illuminated the stands with vibrant neon colors to show their school pride as they cheered on not only the football team but also the marching band during halftime while they performed their show “Wanted.”

It smelled like teen spirit!

Upon returning from a brief intermission, the players hastily returned to the field where they will settle who the winners will be once and for all. Although the Bengals began scoring more frequently, Brick Memorial carried on the p

attern from the first half — winning forty-two to fourteen. The crowd full of teachers, students, and parents began to burn brighter than a fire as their home team was getting increasingly closer to bringing home the victory. Ultimately, the Brick Memorial Mustangs won with a final score of forty-nine to twenty-four and brought home the third win of the season! 


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