Band with Mr. Shotwell

The student musicians in this program are all members of the fifth grade. This is an optional program that is in place for the complete school year. The instruments involved in the band are: 1. Trumpet, 2. Trombone, 3. Clarinet, 4. Alto Sax, 5. Flute, 6. Percussion

Choir (1)

Chorus with Mr. Day

Fourth and Fifth grade students are eligible to participate in chorus tryouts. The selected students in the winter session of the chorus meet before school. There are another group of students that are part of the spring chorus.

Early Act Club with Mrs. Cromen and Ms. Soltmann

Fifth grade students can join to be an Early Act Club member. These students make a year long commitment to help others in our community. Students who wish to be a part of the Early Act Club must be able to attend one meeting a month where a parent can pick them up or drop them off to school. They should be responsible, respectful, have a desire to help others, and be available on off days, such as Saturdays, when there is work to be done in the community.

Student Council with Mrs. Wallace and Mrs. Williams

Help make a difference in our school!
Fifth grade students can apply to be a student council member. These students make a year long commitment and act as liaison between the school and the classroom. Students that wish to be a part must be able to attend one meeting per month and should be responsible, respectful, and have school spirit.