Our new unit in preschool is Grocery! This unit of learning allows our kiddos to use make believe play to explore the many roles and actions associated with the grocery store! Our classrooms have transformed into areas you will find in your local grocery store, such as the bakery department, deli, flower shop, checkout lanes, or the produce department! Our students created props for each of these areas and are able to use these props to enhance their make believe play. On any given day, you can find our students filling sandwich orders, stocking fruits and vegetables, creating floral arrangements, and checking out customers who have just completed their grocery shopping! You may even catch a glimpse of our stock being delivered on the loading dock! Through all of these activities, we are able to foster imaginative play, language development, cooperation, turn taking, and sharing! This unit also allows us to incorporate many early math concepts into daily play – students are seen counting, sorting, and measuring!



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