The PreK Lottery for the the 2024-2025 school year has closed.

Please email Jacqueline Janik at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Preschool Lottery & Registration

Any questions please call Jacqueline Janik at 732-785-3000 x1507.

FAQ - Regarding the preschool enrollment / requirement process

Is there a cost for my child to attend the preschool program?

No, we are providing preschool through a grant provided by the NJDOE. All students attend at no cost.

Is there an age requirement for this program?

Yes, your child must be age 3 by October 1st, and they can not be 5 on or before October 1st of the school year.

If one of my children is already enrolled and I have another child of qualifying preschool age does my other child receive any preferential admission or will they be automatically enrolled?

No, each child receives their own lottery number and must be enrolled in the lottery in order to gain access to the program.

If one twin gets into the lottery is the other twin automatically enrolled?

No, each child gets their own lottery number which is assigned specifically to them. This is outlined in the lottery rules and will be discussed at the Parent Information Meeting.

If my child was enrolled as a 3 year old in the current school year do I need to enter them into the lottery to attend as a 4 year old?

No, You will receive a form from your child’s current school asking if you would like your child to be re-enrolled as a 4 year old. Simply fill out the form and your child will be automatically re-enrolled to attend next school year.

How do I know which school my child will attend?

Once the lottery occurs, and all chosen spots are confirmed then you will receive a letter with your child’s designated school.

How do I transport my child to school?

You can utilize the centralized bus or drive your child to school.