VMMS was proud to honor our February Mustangs of the month. Every month, the VMMS staff is able to nominate staff and students from VMMS who exemplify the true character of a Mustang.

Below are the individuals who have been chosen and what others have written about them.

6th Grade Student Sophie Larsen: Sophie is a kind, caring, conscientious student. She goes out of her way to help her fellow classmates especially the ones who have additional needs. She makes sure they are included in things and comes over to help them without being asked. She is involved in things in school and out of school and has great time management. Overall, she is a really good student who is trying to make a difference.

7th Grade Student Niko Stulic: Niko is a genuinely kind person. He is always doing what he is supposed to be doing, but he also looks out for others. Several times I’ve seen him go out of his way to help another student in our class and I’ve seen him voluntarily move his seat in the cafeteria so that another student did not have to sit alone. He impresses me with his kindness and maturity.

8th Grade Student Joneer Wahib: Joneer is an incredibly positive young lady. She consistently offers kind words and inspiration to others. She looks for any opportunity to brighten the days of her teachers and peers. Also, she works hard in her classes and is a pleasure to have in class.

VMMS Support Staff Members Debbie Skonieczny, Regina Koblan, Sean Thornton: For displaying unparalleled patience under multiple challenging situations while still maintaining professionalism and a great rapport with the students.

Deb comes in to work every day with a positive attitude and carries that positivity throughout her day. Her compassion for our students is unmatched and her ability to stay calm and professional in even the most challenging circumstances is something to be celebrated! 🙂

Sean continuously Supports students and Always has their best of interests at heart…His dedication to her students goes above and beyond

Regina works her butt off each day with her class. I consistently see her roaming the halls to try and make sure they are all doing the right thing. She is always eager to say hi to me and ask me how my day is doing!

VMMS Staff Member Dan Rudd: Mr. Rudd has gone above and beyond with Extended Day Program. He has communicated often to parents and always does so with enthusiasm and kindness.

Students gravitate to him socially, emotionally, and academically. Always looks for ways to be supportive in our teaching teams!

Dan has stepped into VMMS with an eager readiness to support students both in and out of the classroom. He is up for any task – even the terrible ones, like dealing with a mess after a student got sick on the bus! We are lucky to have Dan as part of our staff!

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