VMMS Excel Student’s receive Awards!

New Jersey Students Receive Awards for Investments that Outperform the Financial Markets SIFMA Foundation Stock Market Game™ Winners Apply Research, Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills to Make Real-World Financial Decisions 


Teams of two to three students in 8th grade EXCEL participated in the SIFMA Foundation’s annual Stock Market Game.  They began the simulation with an imaginary investment of $100,000 to trade stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds on the NYSE and NASDAQ. Students followed current events and global news impacting the financial markets and placed trades in real-time online via computer or the SMG smartphone app. Students had the ability to participate in socially responsible investing by selecting companies that have been determined to be in alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They also competed with peers in their classroom and with teams of other students in schools across the state to increase their portfolio value. 

The SIFMA Foundation is pleased to announce the student winners of the Fall 2021 Stock Market Game™ competitions in New Jersey South. The top two teams with the highest portfolio value receive awards in the  middle  school category.

The winning team of EXCEL students named their team The Bulky Bill Bakery.  Their team took the $100,000 and turned it into $126,843 dollars along with a 2nd place finish.  Owen Dunne, James Gillen, and Trevor Sellmann worked together to purchase stock in companies such as Nividia.  They won all kinds of cool prizes.  Here are some thoughts from the winning team on their experience in the competition and with investing.

James Gillen~With great risk comes great reward.

Owen Dunne~In reflection of my time playing the Stock Market Game, I have learned many things about how the stock market works and operates. I now know how complex and vast the world of business truly is, and it has helped to prepare me for conducting my finances in the future. 

Trevor Sellmann~ 10/10 I would recommend competing in the SMG; What I learned from the experience was very helpful and will guide me in my future.

VMMS is proud of their accomplishments. Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to Elayne Reilly for all of her hard work with our Excel students! 


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