VMMS was proud to honor our January Mustangs of the month. Every month, the VMMS staff is able to nominate staff and students from VMMS who exemplify the true character of a Mustang.

Below are the individuals who have been chosen and what others have written about them.


6th Grade Student Izzy Santiago ~  Izzy has the most enthusiastic personality – a smile to light up a room – and great work ethic. Izzy excels in academics and has had an amazing year socially and academically thus far.

7th Grade Student Abigail Scanlon ~ Abby is a great girl. Friendly, funny, works hard, but most importantly isn’t afraid to speak up or stand for what’s right.
8th Grade Student Grace Byers ~ Grace is a kind girl who works very hard academically. She tries to make good choices and reaches out to appropriate staff members for guidance when she is unsure of what to do or how to handle a situation. She is a cheerleader for VMMS and is an active part of our school community. She has been a pleasure to teach the last couple years.
8th Grade Student Ryan Montes ~ Ryan has been working very hard to follow directions, complete his work and stay on task. He is always raising his hand to participate. When walking around the school Ryan is always greeting everyone with a smile.

VMMS Support Staff Member Megan Villani ~ Megan always comes to school ready to work and give 100% to the students. She works hard in and out of the classroom to help the students, in the autism class, work on meeting their educational, behavioral and social goals. Megan is a team player and is always willing to help in any situation.

VMMS Staff Member Sue Rogers ~ Sue is an intricate part of the classroom everyday. The students never know who her students are – she helps all of the students all of the time. Her kind, compassionate personality is a perfect fit for all of our students. Sue makes herself accessible to all of the students both academically and emotionally. As a partner I feel so lucky to have her in my class everyday!

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