VMMS was proud to honor our May and June Mustangs of the month. Every month, the VMMS staff is able to nominate staff and students from VMMS who exemplify the true character of a Mustang.

Below are the individuals who have been chosen and what others have written about them.


6th Grade Student Annika Traxler Annika is always working hard, whether it be in the classroom, student council, or achieving NJHS. I feel that she has gone through a tough time the past two months and she has kept her head high and kept everything together. She is always smiling, and trying to help anyone that needs it.

7th Grade Student Sofia Kriso – She always goes out of her way to do her best while also considering those around her. She makes sure everyone is included. AND she is a rock star when it comes to spirit day. She always participates and goes that extra mile. She’s talented but has no idea how much she has to offer. The boost would be wonderful for her.

8th Grade Student Colin Feher – Colin Feher is always polite and hardworking. EVERYDAY he turns at the door and says “Have a great day, Mrs. Marvin” without fail. He works well with anyone and often, fearlessly branches out to others that are new to the class. He has a positive attitude all the time and adds to the classroom’s positive culture. He is the best!

VMMS Support Staff Members Sue Civello – Sue’s dedication to promote the positivity of our students and staff here at VMMS in the Mustang Corner does not go unnoticed.  Her knowledge and willingness to help all, is a true asset to our building.

VMMS Staff Member AndreaBrunner – Mrs. Brunner always puts the students of VMMS first. She has the 6th graders at VMMS excited to read with the book clubs she runs during homeroom. She pushes in with ELA teachers throughout the building where she helps the students of VMMS become stronger writers with her expertise and innovative writing strategies. She always greets the students enthusiastically as they enter the building. She has helped several of our VMMS students become stronger readers with her small group pull-outs. Vets is very lucky to have her as our Reading Specialist.


6th Grade Student Valencia MelendezValencia has been working hard and putting in much effort to improve her grades. I have seen Valencia support several students when they were upset or not feeling great. Valencia tries to make everyone feel included and has gone out of her way to take initiative in several groups. Keep up the great work Valencia!

7th Grade Student Carly Hobbs – Carly Hobbs is a leader among her classmates and teammates. Carly is an all around phenomenal person. She is the first to volunteer when someone asks for help. Carly always has a smile upon her face and makes sure to say “hi” in the hallways. When I think of a star student who truly deserves the recognition Carly immediately comes to mind. I had the opportunity to coach her during the softball season. She made sure everyone was included and felt seen/heard on the team. Carly would step up to the plate and make sure everyone was cheering for their fellow teammates.

8th Grade Student Justin PfeiferJustin puts his best foot forward everyday. He comes in, works hard everyday, and he is so kind to his peers and his teachers.

VMMS Support Staff Members Roe Leone – She is amazing.!!!!! She is always friendly , helpful and does an awesome job in the office.–

VMMS Staff Member Sarah Dunne: Sarah did an amazing job with our NJHS ceremony. She is always there to lend a helping hand and will do everything she can to make an experience better for for VMMS students.

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