VMMS was proud to honor our September Mustangs of the month. Every month, the VMMS staff is able to nominate staff and students from VMMS who exemplify the true character of a Mustang.

Below are the individuals who have been chosen and what others have written about them.


6th Grade Student Edwin Montesinos SantiagoEdwin has stood out since day 1 as a hardworking student, willing to go out of his way to help others. Many students have been absent and without being asked he goes to their aid and assists them in getting caught up while also finishing his own work. Love having him in class!

7th Grade Student Sophie Larson – Sophie has been a model student throughout the month of September, exemplifying respect, responsibility, acceptance, and kindness on a daily basis. She was highly empathetic toward another classmate who struggled to adapt in the first couple of weeks. Her acceptance of individual differences while still remaining kind and respectful should be applauded.

8th Grade Student Paul DiMatteo –Paulie comes to class prepared everyday. He is a true leader, volunteering his responses even when no one else will. Most importantly, he is kind to everyone. He always says good morning and have a great day. He has great time management skills and finds time to participate in NJHS. Recently, he participated in a team builder and stepped up as a leader in his group. I can’t think of a better candidate!

VMMS Support Staff Members Sean Thornton –The reason I feel Sean Thornton deserves to earn the Mustang of the month for Staff is because he always has a positive attitude. No matter what is going on during his day he continues to smile. Sean makes sure his fellow colleagues and students have a smile as well as having an awesome day. Sean keeps a positive attitude throughout the daily adventures he encounters. As you walk through the halls you can hear the excitement the students have when they see him; the “yeah buddy” roaring in the hallway. Sean embodies what it means to be Mustang and being a proud staff member. Sean can walk past colleagues and students then strike up a conversion or get to know them without hesitation. When it comes to sports he is the middle of the football field, baseball field, softball field as well as on the wrestling mat. Sean pumps up the athletes and shares his own experiences to help them grow and become the best version of themselves.

Mr. Thornton brings a smile every day and makes the building a better place with his optimism  

Mr. Thornton has endless patience, and his positive attitude makes VMMS a better place every day!

VMMS Staff Member Jane Heaslip – Jane has done a tremendous job embracing her new position and is a team player that is always needed at VMMS. Jane always puts her students in the best positions to be successful. She is a veteran teacher with so much to give to her students. 


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