VMMS was proud to honor our October Mustangs of the month. Every month, the VMMS staff is able to nominate staff and students from VMMS who exemplify the true character of a Mustang.

Below are the individuals who have been chosen and what others have written about them.


6th Grade Student AJ Applewhite: AJ (Ansel) has shown significant growth from the beginning of the year. Every single day he goes out of his way to make people feel comfortable and included. He is the first person to offer to help someone else and genuinely cares about others. We have loved watching him shine and take on the Mustang motto “Ride As One” very seriously. 🙂

7th Grade Student Kendall Fredrickson: I’ve witnessed Kendall being kind and supportive to her peers numerous times. She is on the cross country team and is always there to cheer her teammates on. She will run the course and then cheer on all the runners by running to the finish again with the last of the pack . I believe Kendall deserves to be Mustang of the month.

8th Grade Student Sofia Salsa: Sofia is a conscientious student who always puts her best efforts into her assignments. She is also a kind and loyal friend to her peers. In addition, she is a talented artist. She puts in hours of her personal time to create amazing artwork which she uses to enhance her academic projects. She is generous with her talent and has created artwork for her teachers to use in their classrooms. VMMS is lucky to have her as a student!

VMMS Support Staff Members Laura McGuire:

* Laura has been in the Autistic program for many years. Her devotion to the students is always her main goal. There are so many challenges but Laura’s ability and knowledge always come through!
* Laura is a para in the autism class. Everyday Laura goes above and beyond to make sure that the students are always staying on task. Laura is also very knowledgeable with behaviors, making sure that the students’ individual programs are being followed. Laura is deserving of this award!!

VMMS Staff Member Lisa Caruso:

* Lisa goes above and beyond for our students. She is always prepared with great lessons and assignments. She gets the most out of each and every student we have. She is the best!
* Lisa has been a patient and kind mentor to me during my first year as a teacher. She always makes herself available to me when I have questions or concerns. Her commitment and dedication to her students is unparalleled and I am grateful to have such a knowledgeable and caring person working alongside me.
* Lisa is an inspiration to me because she puts so much effort into her lessons. She is dedicated to her craft and she is a fair and understanding teacher. The students are lucky to be in her class.
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