Mustangs of the Month

Mrs. Cavanaugh (Holding the Mustang Award) is seen with the entire guidance team and Mrs. T!

Mrs. Stephenson (Holding the Mustang Award) is seen with her teaching team, Mrs. T and Mr. G

Sometimes it is better late than never!! We are honored to present our Mustang of the Month to two of our very best staff members. For the month of September, Renata Cavanaugh (our 7th grade Guidance Counselor) and Terry Stephenson (ICR Teacher) were awarded our Mustang of the Month award.

Mrs. Cavanaugh goes above and beyond in the guidance department and is always willing to go the extra mile for every single student that goes through her door. She is kind, welcoming and always looks for the good in people.


Mrs. Stephenson is someone who makes every student in her classes feel important. We love how she is always there and does whatever is needed; even if it is not part of her daily roles. She is a shining star in our school community.


Thank you to both of you for all you do. You are one of a kind!

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