VMMS was proud to honor our November Mustangs of the month. Every month, the VMMS staff is able to nominate staff and students from VMMS who exemplify the true character of a Mustang.

Below are the individuals who have been chosen and what others have written about them.


Grade 6: Nicholas Campos

* Nick has made an amazing transition to middle school. His kindness toward his classmates, the respect he has for his teachers, and the strong work ethic he displays makes him the model student. Nick has had nothing but “perfect” days!

* I believe Nicholas should be considered for Mustang of the Month. Nick is extremely accepting of all his peers at all times. Nick has always been responsible from the first day of school, always getting his work done. Nick has been nothing but respectful to his teachers and any adult that comes in the room. He is the kindest student to all and I truly believe he is deserving of this award!!!
* Nicholas is extremely kind and respectful to his teacher and pers . Works hard and never complains . From day one has tried his hardest in his academics and helps his peers if he sees them struggling.
* This student has demonstrated the highest degree of academic integrity as well as personal responsibility. He has established new friendships, assimilated to a new environment and he has repeatedly shown that he is eager to learn. I am so excited to see what else he will do this year.

Grade 7: Ryan Berneck

Ryan Berneck is a model student in class. He is always focused and has a great work ethic. He is always happy to lend a hand to peers and teachers and is kind and friendly to everyone he meets. He is active in after school activities and is always excited to try something new. His enthusiasm and dedication to everything he does sets him apart from the others!

Grade 8: Ethan Hock

Ethan is a quiet kid, but always works hard. He will join any group and is always willing to help out and work with anyone in the class. Even when the others get rowdy, Ethan is always doing what he is supposed to. 🙂

Suppot Staff: Deb Skonieczny

Deb is an integral part of the ERI team. Her many years of experience, coupled with her calm and caring presence, is essential to keeping the program consistent. The students know they can count on Mrs.S. to “have their backs” and lend a helping hand.
Teacher: Christine DiNicola
Christine DiNicola is a phenomenal educator who goes above and beyond for her students and colleagues every day. She is a skilled math teacher who effortlessly reaches all types of learners. Her enthusiasm for her craft creates a positive and fun atmosphere in her classroom. Christine furthers her commitment to VMMS student body by volunteering her time as the organizer of the holiday food drive, and assisting with the holiday giving tree. As a colleague, she supports her co-workers as the Team 2 team leader. She deserves to be recognized for all the great work that she does!
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