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Enrichment of eXceptional Creative Engaged Learners

Mission Statement

We are committed to the belief that gifted students are individuals with potential who require guidance in discovering, developing, and realizing their potentials as individuals and as members of society. It is the responsibility of the entire staff to meet the needs of gifted students by identifying their gifts and talents and developing those areas. This also requires a strong partnership between the Brick Township School District and the larger community.  Society needs integrated, higher functioning persons to play a demanding and innovative role in the continuation of the culture. The guiding principle of the EXCEL program is to empower our finest minds to become the future leaders and decision makers in our ever-changing global world.

EXCEL Continuum of Services

Specialty Enrichment Groups (K-5):  Specialty Enrichment groups meet with the EXCEL teacher once a week in a pull out program for the duration of the specialty group.

  • K-2:  Students are identified using multiple measures:  Literacy progress, Number Sense Assessment, Creative Thinking Prompt, Specialty Enrichment Scale and Teacher Recommendation
  • 3-5:  Students are recognized for demonstrating above average ability and high interest in one or more academic areas.

FOCUS Groups (Grade 3):  Flexible, Original, Creative and Unique Students meet with the EXCEL teacher twice a week in a pull out program throughout the school year.

  • Students are identified using multiple measures:  Renzulli Scales. Report Card grades, District Assessments and Teacher Recommendation
  • EXCEL Groups (Grades 4-8):  Students meet with the EXCEL teacher twice a week in Grades 4 and 5 throughout the school year.  In Grades 6-8, students participate in EXCEL every day for two marking periods of the school year.
  • Students are identified using multiple measures:  OLSAT scores, NJSLA scores, Renzulli Scales, District Assessments, Report Card Grades & Teacher Recommendation
  • Grades 9-12:  At the high school level, we ensure that students are not exclusively tracked for an all honors courseload. Scheduling is unique to each content area for consideration in the honors, dual enrollment, and AP program. Robust after-school club programs allow for enrichment in all areas of education from the arts to academics to social and emotional well being. Clubs are student-centered, authentic and innovative learning experiences which enhance the knowledge gained in the normal school day with opportunities for leadership roles.
    • STEM Academy – Grade 8 students apply through a rigorous selection process which consists of 3 teacher recommendations and an entrance exam. The entrance exam consists of a Math, Science and Writing Assessment. Only the students who meet the rubric criteria based on high scores of the application are admitted to this elite program.
    • Career & College Readiness – Robotics students compete against their peers across the state in the Technology Student Association (TSA). STEM Academy students serve in leadership roles on each school’s chapter of TSA.