Cyber-Safety General Overview

Provided by the NJ MEL / JIF, this quick video provides a nice introduction to Cyber-Safety terms and touches on best practices.
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A collection of 8 short, entertaining, informative videos that cover a wide array of Cyber-Security Awareness topics.  Watch the entire deck, build your confidence and make better Cyber-Decisions.
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Password Construction

Learn about best practices for password construction and management.
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Use this site to enter *any of your email addresses to check against a large database of hacked corporate databases that store user information. Unfortunately hacked corporate databases can often provide bad actors with any of the following: usernames, email addresses, and passwords.
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Phishing and Spear-Phishing via email

Bad actors are getting better at soliciting your response either through the phone, or luring you into opening an attachment or clicking on a link. Some emails are a bit more generic and target a larger generic email audience (phishing), some do additional research and tailor a bogus email specific to you (spear-phishing). Learn more about these strategies, tactics and raise your awareness and defensive posture to bogus emails.

*Particularly useful as we move into the holidays and increased online shopping.

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Found USB Key or Memory Stick?

It may just be luck, or is it? Often times memory sticks, thumb drives, USB Keys are intentionally planted near office buildings and in particular near banks hoping an employee wanders by, sees and retrieves the stick and then, curiosity takes hold and inserts it into their work computer unleashing a program that installs malware. The Bad Actors or Black Hats win! – Don’t be this employee.

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