In accordance with the Brick Public School’s ‘Student Technology User Agreement’ below is a list of common breakage costs and replacement options for lost or missing or damaged components outside of normal device ‘wear and tear’.

Dell USB-C Charger?

You can replace a lost Dell Chromebook USB-C Charger from many locations, including the Brick Board of Education. If you purchase from Amazon the links below have been tested and approved for use with our Dell Chromebooks.

Option 1:
Non Dell OEM USB-C Charger

Option 2:
Dell Branded USB-C Charger

Option 3:
Please remit a check made out to:
Brick Board of Education for $35.00
*in the memo field please add ‘replacement charger’


Let’s face it, accidents happen. In the event a Chromebook is lost, or a screen is broken or keyboard keys go missing outside of normal wear and tear of the Chromebook our department is able to repair these units. Below is a list of costs associated with the most common breakage scenarios.

Option 1: Damaged Screen
Screen Replacement: $50

Option 2: Damaged Keyboard
Keyboard Replacement: $50

Option 3: Lost Device
Dell 3180 Chromebook: $125.00
Dell 3100 Chromebook: $200

Please remit a check made out to:
Brick Board of Education with the cost represented above.
Your school’s main office will provide guidance.
*in the memo field please add ‘Replacement Part